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The Carlmont Academic Foundation is looking for donations of wine for our Wine Wall at the Bagpiper Bash on Saturday, September 12th, 2020.


CAF will be having a Wine Wall at the Bash again this year and we can’t do it without you!  We are looking for donations of bottles of wine (minimum $25 / bottle) for our Wine Wall at the Bagpiper Bash. If you have one or more bottles (or cases!) to donate, please (1) fill out our online donation form, (2) put a note on the bottle with your name and fair market value of the wine (if you know it), and (3) you will be contacted by our Wine Wall team to coordinate pickup from you. If you have more than two bottles fill out another form – or contact the Wine Wall team at BashWineWall@carlmontacademicfoundaiton.org. Thank you for your donation!


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