The Enrichment Grants program is co-funded by CAF and Carlmont Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), with a goal to support student enrichment in the classroom.

CAF’S mission with this program is to support the teachers’ endeavors to innovate and enrich their classrooms and programs. The program strives to fund as many requests to the extent feasible with an equitable spread across departments. These grants help students engage with the curriculum, spark connections and conversations, and leave a lasting impression. Thank you to the teachers who applied for these grants to continually make Carlmont a more exciting and interesting place to learn.

The Enrichment Grant program contributions for the 2023-24 school year were $13,880 from CAF and $26,000 from PTSA.

Some of the CAF-PTSA Enrichment Grants for the 2023-24 school year

  • Enrichmentgrant Ecocolumnproject3

    Biology Ecocolumn Project

    Students built plastic bottle ecocolumns to understand how ecosystems function and learn about biogeochemical cycles.

  • Lab Coats for Chemistry

    Lab Coats for Chemistry

    Lab coats get students excited for advanced college-level labs while staying clean and safe.

  • Blood pressure kit

    Blood Pressure Kits

    Hands-on activities emulate the diagnostic role of a doctor/ nurse/ physician’s assistant.

  • Journalism Award Plaque

    Journalism Contest Entry Fees

    Contest entries give students exposure to professional critiques and build their portfolios.

  • Ceramics Class Kiln Equipment

    Ceramics Class Kiln Equipment

    High-end, long-lasting shelves for the kiln which resist glaze dripping.

  • Online Math Assessment Tool

    Online Math Assessment Tool

    Online quiz system with automatic feedback so students can learn through trial and error.

  • Geometry Boat Race

    Annual Cardboard Boat Race

    Supplies for a boat-building competition in geometry class.

  • Bio Enrichment Grant

    AP Biology Labs

    Lab supplies to isolate and manipulate the TAS2R38 gene.

  • Sweet statistics

    Sweet Statistics

    Investigating hypotheses using M&M Candies bags during Statistics classes.

  • AVID College Visit Funding

    AVID College Tours

    Offered scholarships to cover the costs of touring five colleges through the AVID program.

  • Chinese Cultural Enrichment

    Chinese Cultural Enrichment

    Funding materials for cultural experiences through hands-on learning.

  • Carlmont Mock Trial Team at SMHS Scrimmage

    Mock Trial Team

    Funding competition fees for a realistic, simulated experience of the legal system.