Why I Give

Hear from our wonderful donors about why they donate to CAF

Photo of Adrienne and John Crowther

The Biotech Institute, journalism program and world language programs are three reasons that immediately come to mind.

Adrienne and John Crowther
Gilliam Family Caf Donors Sq

We donate to CAF because it provides such important additional support to Carlmont programs not fully funded by the state.

Amy Gilliam

I give because I see CAF as a needed investment in our school and community that rewards us all.

Photo of Bishop family

Our family has prioritized supporting CAF because we have seen the wonderful opportunities this money provides, including instrumental music.

Brian and Kim Bishop

I choose to support CAF because I believe in public education and the power of community.

Charisse Lee
Photo of Badiey Family

Education is a priority in our family. We feel incredibly blessed to have such an excellent high school in our community.

Cynthia and Nima Badiey

Considering private schools are ridiculously expensive, and our district has such great schools. Supporting our local education foundations like SchoolForce and CAF, which in turn support our schools, is a no-brainer.

Dave Poole and Dana Gerstbacher

My oldest applied for college this year, and it is an overwhelming process for any student. However, he was able to have access to his counselor for questions that were answered promptly to smooth the process for him. This was possible due to the donations into CAF.

Hang and Olaf Holoyda

With Carlmont being such a big school, we feel it is important that additional funding is available to provide personalized counseling and a range of learning opportunities.

Joel and Hee Kornberg
Photo of Hu Pai Family

It’s my firm belief that ensuring our kids receive the best possible education is a step ahead for a better future.

Josephine Pai and Jeff Hu
Photo of Laura Reed

When my son started at Carlmont, I was impressed with the many programs available to him to set him up for success.

Laura Reed
Photo of Farrell family

As members of our community, we feel we all share a responsibility in ensuring that our children get the best educational experience possible. The funding we get from the state is not enough!

Michelle and Mike Farrell
Photo of Shruti

We have been very impressed with the organization of CAF and their stewardship of our donation dollars.

Shruti Mukhtyar
Photo of Carlmont graduate Garrish

We donate to CAF because it is an investment in our children and the entire community — for now and in the future.

Wendy and John Garrish

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