What CAF Funds

CAF is the only fundraising organization focused on financially supporting academics at Carlmont High School.

CAF funds teacher salaries for class sections, 2 additional counselors, programs like mental health on campus, and other enrichment and teacher support.


What CAF Funds - 2022-2023

What CAF Supports for 2022-2023
21 Class Sections*$470,000
College and Career Counselor$75,0007%
Instructional Supplies$50,0005%
Academic Support Center$15,0001%
Academic Support Supplement***$8,0001%
Cross Departmental Collab.$13,0001%
Oracle Grant$20,0002%
Choir Support$15,5002%
SAT Funding$16,0002%
College Essay Support$5,0001%
Sojourn to the Past$2,0000.2%
CAF/PTSA Mini Grant Program$9,0001%
Mental Health Support$70,0007%
BTI Development Fund$50,3245%
Total Grant for Program Giving Expense$1,072,637100%

Your donations allows CAF to – 

Provide Smaller Class Sizes and More Class Choices

Almost two thirds of the funds raised by CAF are dedicated to keeping Carlmont’s class sizes as small as possible, and offering variety in class choices that otherwise wouldn’t be available. Studies have shown that both students and teachers benefit from a small student/teacher ratio. Class sections funded by CAF include core classes, academic classes (biotechnology, business and science courses), as well as enrichment courses in the arts, ethnic studies, and journalism.  For the 2022-2023 school year, CAF funded a total of 21 additional class sections.

2022-2023 Class Sections Funded by CAF

21 Class Sections
Challenging Core Classes
AS English I
AP World History
Additional Academic Classes
Biotech 3-4*
Intro to Business
AP Comp. Sci
Intro to Comp Sci - Mobile Apps
Explorations in Data Science
AP Environmental Science
Green Tech & Engineering
Marketing Communication
Co-Taught Physics
Enrichment Classes
Digital Art
Ethnic Studies
Instrumental Music (4 sections)
Media Arts (English 2)

*with BTI funds

Support Mental Health

CAF is working with Carlmont to fund the new Wellness Center, which will provide ongoing mental health support as well as drop-in support.  With CAF funds, Carlmont’s ability to support students will be 5x greater than it has been in previous years.  Carlmont will be able to give students the support they need, when they need it, in a space devoted to wellness.

Guidance counselors, in addition to academic counseling, provide front-line support for students who are struggling. CAF funds two additional guidance counselors at Carlmont, significantly lowering the counselor:student ratio.

Prepare Students for College and Career

High school can be hard, and CAF funds programs for students that help them succeed in their studies and prepare them for post-graduation. Since 2016-17, CAF has fully funded the college and career counseling administrative assistant position, which makes a great difference in the counseling services available to all Carlmont students.  CAF also provides:

  • One-on-one assistance with college essays
  • The Carlmont Academic SupportCenter
  • Carlmont Senior Student Scholarships, sponsored by various community members
  • AVID, a class that readies students for college
  • A seminar for parents of 9th graders to help them work with their student on navigating their first counselor appointment, where they plan much of their HS academic career

Provide Other Enrichment and Teacher Support

Your donations directly support our teachers’ productivity and creativity by providing collaboration time and training for new and expanded programs. CAF and the Carlmont PTSA work together to fund mini-grants that help teachers bring innovative ideas to life.

Finally, CAF funding purchases supplies for all of Carlmont’s classrooms! From paper to computers to glaze for ceramics class, your donations ensure each classroom, studio and lab has the materials each teacher needs to be effective.

CAF/PTSA Mini-grants Fall 2022

Name of Group/ClassProject Title
Art: Digital Art/Media ArtsTeleprompter for Carlmont News Cast; Cameras & equipment
Art: Digital PhotographyPhoto Printing & Studio Backdrop
Art: Illustration & Design 1&2, AP ArtAirbrushing Materials
AVIDAVID Club College Field Trip Funding
BiologyRoom Fan (Portable AC unit & Generator org request)
Business / DECALocal Marketing Project
ChoirSheet Music Purchase
CHS Mock Trial TeamSan Mateo County Mock Trial competition fee
Disaster SuppliesNatural Disaster Kits
English / APPaperPile Tech Adoption
Ethnic StudiesCommunity Circle Centerpiece Materials
JournalismJournalism Contest Entry Fees
Journalism2 New Camera Kits for Journalism
LibraryPurchase books for reluctatnt readers and English Support classes
LibraryPurchase Reading Incentives
MathMath Awards Night/American Math Competition
MathCalculators and White Boards
MathRoom Fan (Portable AC unit & Generator org request)
Math: 7 reg and AP Stats ClassesChi squared Goodness of Fit Test using bags of M&M candies
Math: Geometery 10-12th gradeExploratry Geometry Lessons
Math: Integrated Math/Algebra 1TI-30XS Calculators
Math: PreCalculus & Algebra 2Technology and Collaboration
Science/BiologyBlood Pressure Kits
Science/BiologyRestorative Circle Tools
Science/BiologyAP Biology Lab Experience & Class Fish Tank
SojournSojourn to the Past Field Trip Funding
SPED: Social Academic Communication Class (SAC Class)Sensory Fidgets and Furniture
Weight TrainingInspirational Club T-shirts
World Languages/AP & Spanish 1 classesHeadset Storage Container
World Languages/French ProgramVoces Digital French Curriculum