Carlmont student with counselor Tammy

Meet the Carlmont Counseling Staff

Did you know that the Carlmont Academic Foundation (CAF) funds two additional counselor positions at Carlmont?

Additional counselors lower case loads and can give students more attention. Carlmont’s counselors help with academic advising, college and career prep, and social and emotional growth. 

Picture of counselor Theresa Torres
Interim Head Counselor

Theresa Torres

Loves reading & visits with her Grandson.

Picture of counselor Julia Smith

Julia Smith

Loves soccer, camping, doing puzzles & trivia.

Maria Ibarra5220

Maria Ibarra

Enjoys watching TV when she can find a spare hour of time.


Andrew Kahn

Carlmont grad who likes karaoke & learning Spanish.

Picture of counselor Kristin Vernon

Kristin Vernon

Enjoys cycling and a good chai latte.

Picture of counselor Matthew Ledesma

Matthew Ledesma

Likes exploring nature with his wife and toddler.

Picture of Counselor Connie Dominguez

Connie Dominguez

Enjoys working in her yard.

Counselor (Carlmont & BTI)

Kimberly Miller

Loves to travel, try new recipes, and catch up on reality TV.

Shelley Bustamante
Mental Health Support Specialist

Shelley Bustamante

Also serves as S.O.S (Students Offering Support) Coordinator, Wellness Center Site-Coordinator, Crisis Therapist.

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