Carlmont Counselors speak Gen Z - a quiz

Iykyk: Guess The Correct Meaning of These Gen Z Terms

Did you know Carlmont counselors are multilingual? They all speak Gen Z! In celebration of National School Counseling Week, here’s a little quiz of teen slang that our counselors might hear every day. To understand these terms, we watched hours of TikTok videos (so you don’t have to) to learn their true meaning.  

Select the correct use of a slang word from two sentences, and check the answers below. 

Ready? Let’s go!


A. I need this protein bar to sus me until after 6th period. 

B. This cheese smells sus to me. 

Correct Answer: B. “Sus” is short for “suspect” and you don’t want your teen saying that the delicious food in your fridge smells “sus”. 


A. The dog ate my homework. No cap!

B. What size cap should I order for graduation? 

Correct Answer: A. “Cap” is Internet slang for lying or faking. So “No cap” is “not lying.” Fido was obviously hungry. 


A. tbh, I can’t get fired up to do homework tonight. 

B. Your GPA is fire!

Correct Answer: B. “Fire” is used to describe something that’s cool. 


A. Nah. The jit’s still in Middle School. 

B. Looks like I got here jit for the start of the class. 

Correct Answer: A. “Jit” means “a person” and often refers to someone who’s younger. So in the above sentence, the teen is referring to their younger sibling who’s still in Middle School. You may also hear “jit trippin’” in a sentence. An example is: “Jit’s trippin’ cuz his pizza’s late,” which translates to: “My younger sibling is upset because their pizza delivery is late.” 


A. I want to skip PE next year. Can do you a fit check for me? 

B. I got an interview for an internship! Can you fit check my outfit? 

Correct Answer: B. Your teen wants you to appraise their interview outfit.


A. The pizza today was bussin’.

B. Will we be bussin’ to MA for the PALs Championship? 

Correct Answer: A. While some of us still very much enjoy these last few years of driving our kids around various tournaments and meets, “bussin” is used to describe something as very good. So yay for yummy pizza!


A. We’re besties and we’re IDentiKle!

B. idk at the moment but I’ll get back to you when I do.

Correct Answer: B. “idk” is short for “I don’t know.”

How many did you get correct? Iykyk (If you know, you know).

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