Carlmont students in classroom

CAF Awarded Oracle Grant to Support STEAM Programming in 2022

We are once again excited to announce that Oracle has awarded the Carlmont Academic Foundation (CAF) with a $20,000 grant for 2022. The grant will provide critical support for STEAM programs through continued enhancement of our lab-centric course offerings designed to promote student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. A broad range of classes will be positively impacted including the new AP Environmental Science course, our Physics program, and our Chemistry and Biology classes.

The grant from Oracle specifically will provide:

  • Probes for AP Environmental Science
    The goal of APES is to have students practice lab skills and to enhance their content knowledge of environmental science, while focusing on real life examples in their own community. Students will use these probes to collect data and accurately assess the health of the local systems. Students can then develop ideas on how to better protect and sustain our local environment.
  • PASCO Smart Carts and Accessories for Physics and AP Physics C
    The Smart Carts have a multitude of sensors on board that can be used to collect data on position, velocity, acceleration, force, angular acceleration, and much more. This enables the students to explore concepts covering over half of the Physics curriculum with a reliable and easy-to-use piece of equipment.
  • Gas Chromatograph, Probes, Ring Stands, Vacuum Chambers for Chemistry and AP Chemistry
    The gas chromatograph will allow Chemistry students to perform separation and identification of complex chemical mixtures. This will foster further understanding of the differences between intermolecular forces and their impact on boiling points, solubility, and sample purification.
  • New Scales for Biology
    These scales will allow our students to perform many tasks from measuring components for labs to measuring the growth of plants and other organisms.

Oracle is committed to using its resources to advance education, protect the environment, and enrich community life, and we are honored to team up with the company to advance these causes.  Thank you to Oracle for its continued generous support of Carlmont High School and our goal to provide a better educational experience to all our students.

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