Meet the Carlmont Counseling Staff

CAF funds two counseling positions at Carlmont

Did you know that the Carlmont Academic Foundation (CAF) funds two additional counselor positions at Carlmont so caseloads are lower and students receive more attention?  Carlmont’s counselors help with academic advising, college and career prep, and social and emotional growth. 

Thanks in part to CAF funding, the counselor to student ratio at Carlmont is 256:1 and half the average of 527:1 in the state of California.

Tammy DePaoli
Head Counselor

Inspired by

My own high school counselor who helped me go to UC Davis.

Connie Dominguez


As a bilingual counselor in Sacramento before coming to the Peninsula and Carlmont High School.

Maria Ibarra

Loves to

.. catch up with her parents and go for walks with friends.

Matthew Ledesma

Career in counseling was

Suggested by a high school career assessment Matthew took at 16.

Kimberly Miller

Inspired to

Become a counselor because there were so few counselors at her high school. Kimberly supports the BTI program students.

Julia Smith


Trivia, puzzles, soccer, and gardening.

Teresa Torres


To become a high school counselor by own high school counselor in New York.

Kristin Vernon

Loves to

I spend several hours every weekend cycling in various parts of the Bay Area.

Ross Yokomura

Inspired by

Playing baseball and learning and taking away something from each coach I’ve ever had, not only about learning and playing the game, but how to listen, observe, carry myself professionally, and be the best me possible.