CAF Funded Programs

Where your donations go

CAF is the only fundraising organization focused on financially supporting academics at Carlmont High School.

Your donations allow CAF to —

Provide Smaller Class Sizes and More Class Choices

Almost 2/3 of the funds raised by CAF are dedicated to keeping Carlmont’s class sizes as small as possible. Studies have shown that both students and teachers benefit from a small student/teacher ratio. For the 2021-2022 school year, CAF funded a total of 20 additional classes to reduce class size in core academic subjects like English, math and social studies, as well as to add innovative classes like biotechnology, computer science and intro to business. CAF also funds four periods of instrumental music, leadership, journalism, digital arts, and media arts.

Invest in Teachers

Carlmont is fortunate to have an amazing, dedicated team of teachers for our student body! Your donations can directly support our teachers’ productivity and creativity by providing collaboration time and training for new and expanded programs. This allows teachers to align their curriculum within and across departments, and it is a key strategy for improving academic performance for all Carlmont students.

CAF funding also purchases supplies for all of Carlmont’s classrooms! From light bulbs to paper to glaze for ceramics class, your donations ensure each classroom, studio and lab has the materials each teacher needs to be effective.

Prepare Students for College and Career

CAF understands that providing funds for college and career counseling is essential. Since 2016-17, CAF has fully funded the college and career counseling administrative assistant position, which makes a great difference in the counseling services available to all Carlmont students. For the first time in 2017-2018, CAF is also funding one-on-one help with college essays.

High school can be hard, and CAF funds programs for students that help them succeed in their studies and prepare them for post-graduation. CAF funds the Carlmont After-School Tutoring Center that is open four afternoons each week. At the Center, students can get help with their homework from Carlmont teachers, as well as from student math tutors.

CAF also supports the CAF Student Leadership Board, family-sponsored  Carlmont Senior Student Scholarships, and AVID, a class that readies students for college.

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What CAF Supports for 2022-2023
21 Class Sections*$470,000
College and Career Counselor$75,0007%
Instructional Supplies$50,0005%
Academic Support Center$15,0001%
Academic Support Supplement***$8,0001%
Cross Departmental Collab.$13,0001%
Oracle Grant$20,0002%
Choir Support$15,5002%
SAT Funding$16,0002%
College Essay Support$5,0001%
Sojourn to the Past$2,0000.2%
CAF/PTSA Mini Grant Program$9,0001%
Mental Health Support$70,0007%
BTI Development Fund$50,3245%
Total Grant for Program Giving Expense$1,072,637100%

*Cost per section 20-21 : 23.5K
**Extra $25K granted to instructional supplies at August 2021 Board meeting

20 Classes Funded for 2021-2022 School Year

Challenging Core Classes
AS English I (freshman families)
AP Modern European History (sophomore families)
Pre-Calculus Honors (sophomore and junior families)
AP Spanish (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior families)

Creative Classes
Instrumental Music (4 sections) (all families)
Leadership (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior families)
Journalism (sophomore, junior, senior families)
Digital Arts I (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior families)
English II – Media Arts (sophomore families)

Innovative Classes
AP Environmental Science (junior, senior families)
Intro to Computer Science (sophomore, junior, senior families)
Ethnic Studies (freshman families)
Psychology (junior, senior families)
Intro to Business (sophomore, junior, senior families)
Marketing Communications (junior, senior families)
AVID (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior families)
Biotechnology 3/4* (junior & senior families)

* With BTI Funds
In addition, funding these 20 class sections also creates more flexibility for Carlmont to offer other electives.