CAF is very pleased to announce that awarded the Carlmont Academic Foundation (CAF) with a $20,000 grant for 2021.  The grant will provide critical support for STEAM programs through continued enhancement of our lab-centric course offerings in the Carlmont Biotechnology Institute and innovative resources for our expanding Biology/AP Biology classes and their Biotech units.

The grant from Oracle specifically will provide:

  • A Nanodrop Spectrophotometer for 300 Biotech students to accurately and rapidly measure amounts of DNA, proteins and other molecules in solutions, and to track progress of reactions over time. The equipment will enable 50 Seniors to research, design, and biomanufacture unique projects for a self-directed “Incubator Lab” capstone project.  Through this, students will gain valuable skills for the workplace, where tools like the Nanodrop are increasingly common.
  • Micropipettes, miniPCR machines, miniGel Electrophoresis units, sensors, probes, and a 3D printer for 950 students to engage in hands-on research in Biotechnology and Biology labs. Most of biology is about collecting data in our environment and using that data to form conclusions about its biodiversity and health.  With this new equipment, students will be able to apply analytical and critical problem-solving skills to evaluate scenarios that include assessing the health of a natural ecosystem, cleaning up artificial oil spills, and generating renewable energy.

Oracle is committed to using its resources to advance education, protect the environment, and enrich community life, and we are honored to team up with Oracle to advance these causes.

Thank you to Oracle for its continued generous support of Carlmont High School and our goal to provide a better educational experience to all our students.