We are pleased to announce that Carlmont Academic Foundation (CAF) was awarded in February a $20,000 grant from Oracle for continued support of the cutting edge lab-centric course offerings in Carlmont’s Biotechnology Institute.

The Oracle grant will provide mixers, balances, hot plates, heat sealers, copper distillers, and vertical protein gel equipment for 150 students in the Biotechnology Institute (BTI). Additionally, the equipment will enable 50 seniors to research, design, and biomanufacture unique projects for a self-directed “Incubator Lab” capstone class.

The biotechnology equipment will be used in the Biomanufacturing senior capstone class. The Biomanufacturing class is unique. Students work in an “Incubator Lab” where they collaborate with a local community college professor to create bio-manufactured products (think “Shark Tank” for biomanufacturing).  This year’s Oracle grant will help supply equipment needed to manufacture products using biotechnological methods. Students will use the mixing equipment, balances, and hot plates to create blends of cosmetics, supplements, and other products using biotechnology materials and processes. The heat gun and heat sealer will be used by students to efficiently package their chosen product in a sterile environment. The copper distilling equipment is essential for students to extract essential oils and active compounds from botanical materials to incorporate into the product they manufacture. Vertical protein gel equipment will be used by all levels of the Biotechnology Institute to purify and analyze proteins extracted from living organisms for use in the lab.

Leslie Burndon, teacher of the Biomanufacturing class, notes: “Because of the equipment funded by Oracle, our BTI students are able to manufacture biotechnology products in a cutting-edge lab setting that they never would have been able to do otherwise. Students are designing solutions to environmental problems, investigating cheaper ways to make medicines, and developing innovative and eco-friendly cosmetic products. We’re so appreciative of Oracle’s ongoing support for our program and the opportunities that are open to our students thanks to this equipment.”

Thank you, Oracle, for your continued generous support of Carlmont High School students.