CAF is very proud of the academic accomplishments of Carlmont students.

Last fall, approximately 1.6 million juniors across the country entered the 2018 National Merit Scholarship competition by taking the PSAT. The PSAT is more than just a practice test. Based on their scores, about 16,000 were chosen as semifinalists (1%). The number of semifinalists is proportional to each state’s percentage of the nation’s total graduating class of 2018.

Carlmont is very proud to honor our ten National Merit Semifinalists! They are:

Kiran Boone
Felix E. Chen
David Chong
Casey Felton
Aaron Lu
Amanda Masini
Hanalei Pham
Zane VanArsdel
Edward B. Vendrow
Sammy Zhang

Additionally, approximately 34,000 students from across the country are recognized as National Merit Commended Scholars. The following 39 Carlmont students received this honor:

Amaury Avat
Tessa Bagby
Corbin D. Balitactac
Ana C. Bazgan
Joseph N. Blinder
Rachel Borschenko
Clara Butler
Kendall N. Butler
Tiffany Chung
Julia A. Clark
Alyssa Fong
Oliver Golden
Cindy S. Ji

Meileen F. Jones
Ryan S. Kim
Madeleine Li
Collin Liao
Jason Liu
Xiwen Liu
Sehar R. Masud
Madeline Meier
Andrew Notte
Timothy J. Palthe
Heather Pritchard
Anna Singer
Brian So

Ethan L. Stroh
Sofia Tam
Blake E. Thomas
Peter D. Trost
Joshua L. Vendrow
Justin Wang
Zachary Wong
Kevin Xiang
Celine N. Yang
Timothy Yeh
Nathan B. Yeo
Dylan F. Yu
Benjamin Zaino