The Carlmont Academic Foundation Board is pleased to announce that thanks to the extended Carlmont community of parents, alumni, community members, matching gift companies and local businesses, in the 2016-17 fiscal year CAF raised $574,170, surpassing our $550,000 goal! This record amount supports programs that help your student be ready in the classroom and ready for life.

CAF raises funds to improve the education of every student at Carlmont. The funds raised in 2016-17 supported 15 additional class sections for this school year. This funding is aimed at keeping class sizes in check while providing essential and innovative curriculum choices. Additionally, CAF supported Carlmont teachers by funding cross-department collaboration and essential classroom supplies. By funding a full-time college and career adminstrator, not only do we provide essential support to our students as they prepare for their post-high school life, we strengthen the counseling department by adding one counselor to the team, benefiting all students at Carlmont.

CAF would like to thank Oracle Corporation for its long-time support of Carlmont with its grant for STEAM programs like biotechnology and chemistry. In addition, our parents secured matching grants from their companies that totaled $62,534, a new record amount.

We want our students to be able to take those classes that spark their creativity or make them want to learn more about math, science, social studies or English. Fundraising must continue for us to maintain excellent programs for our students. Our goal is to keep increasing the number of class sections CAF funds, enabling students and teachers to thrive in smaller class environments. This is our priority number one!

Sometime down the road, when we can fund 25 additional classes (10 more than we funded this past year, an additional $220,000) we will bring our average class size down to 30 and below, outside of classes like PE, leadership and music. For a large public high school, this would be rather incredible! But one step at a time; this year’s goal is to reach $600,000, which is attainable with the support of our generous community. Please consider making a donation. CAF’s suggested ask is $1,000 per student, which can be paid as a one-time gift or in ten monthly installments of $100. Every dollar matters, so give what you can. Some in our community can give more — our leadership circle level is $2,500. We hope you can join us online on Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

Thank you for your generosity. We appreciate your support.


Ulla Foehr & Claire Sebti