Every donation made to CAF today, November 28th, up to a total of $44K will be doubled! Help us reach our goal of raising over $88K to fully fund four class sections by making a donation in any amount.

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Matching Donors

The following Leadership Circle donors have given generously to provide the $44K matching grant:
Jay and Betsy Adams
Brian and Ilissa Best
Martha Simmons and Leo Butler
April and Jon Carlson
John and Irene Chan
Jennifer Bahr-Davidson and Derby Davidson
Anahid and Narbeh Derhacobian
Clarissa Naftzger and Jorge DiMartino
Kim Dandurand and Bruce Douglas
Robin Bennett and Matthew English
Ulla and Matt Foehr
Sallie and Mark Gasparini
Rakesh and Pushpa Hegde
Brenda Porter and Benjamin Hsu
Michael and Nancy Jung
Angela and Nick Kalayjian
Heather and John Mannion
Kevin and Leslie Marks
Thomas Francis Richason and Elizabeth Moore
Khalid and Claire Sebti
Jeffrey and Cheryl Selman
Derek Gittoes and Ling Shen
Heidi and Rich Skrenta
Jean and Tom Snider
Amy and Bob Truel
Laurie Schoeffler and Paul Turner
Steve and Gail Welter
Eric and Lisa Wong
Christopher and Suzanne Zaino
If you are interested in becoming a Leadership Circle (and matching) donor, please contact us at CAFoundation@gmail.com or make a donation of $2500 or above and we’ll contact you.