It is our pleasure to announce that thanks to the extended Carlmont community of parents, alumni, community members, matching gift companies and local businesses, last fiscal year CAF raised $574,149! This record amount supports programs this year that help your student be ready in the classroom and ready for life.

Programs CAF supports include:

Reducing Class Sizes in Core Classes: with last year’s donations, CAF funded 15 additional class periods for this school year, enabling reduced class sizes in core academic subjects like English and social studies

Funding Creative and Enrichment Programs: support for leadership, music, “Race, Immigration and Ethnicity in the US” class, journalism and digital arts = well-rounded Carlmont students

Investing in Teachers: more supplies = more hands-on student experiences; more cross-department collaboration = better-informed teachers

Preparing Students for College and Career: enhanced tutoring, more college-prep classes= better prepared Carlmont graduates; strengthened college counseling program = a calmer college application process