One of the most important aspects of high school is preparing students for life after school, whether that means college and/or career. As the end of high school nears, this can be a stressful time for seniors and their families. Your support of the Carlmont Academic Foundation has helped to make these life decisions more informed and supported.

rasorCarlmont’s College & Career Center Assistant, Nina Rasor, is now full time thanks to additional funding from CAF. Ms. Rasor has expanded the program to include more accessibility for students, including adding after-school hours in the College and Career Center. Ms. Rasor makes sure everyone is well-informed about colleges and universities visiting Carlmont and has begun adding ‘virtual tours’ at lunch on Tuesdays to help those who can’t visit all of the schools in which he or she may be interested.

While 72 colleges visited Carlmont last year, Ms. Rasor wants that number to go even higher. Her goal is 80 visits this year, which may be the maximum that can be accommodated during the key Sep/Oct/Nov time period. Every visit has been well attended, thanks to Ms. Rasor’s diligent communication efforts. She not only lets students and parents/guardians know of upcoming visits, she now can send reminders to students who have signed up to attend.

She assists students with signing up for college entrance exams, offering advice on when and how to sign up. Ms. Rasor says the biggest impact she can make is “being here and helping with applications”. Her expanded hours definitely help her do even more for our kids.

Ms. Rasor also has more time to interact with parents and guardians, which she also enjoys. Families also appreciate that she has more time to inform them about scholarships. Of course, while the college and career counseling department is providing more services for our students, there is always more that could be added. With increased donations, CAF could support Ms. Rasor’s wish list that includes after-school writing workshops, free or reduced-cost SAT and ACT prep classes, visits for counselors to out-of-state colleges, and much more!

Ms. Rasor is thankful to CAF for allowing her to serve more Carlmont students, which she finds “very rewarding”. We know we are thankful to her!