We are pleased to announce that in March CAF was awarded a $20,000 grant from Oracle to support Carlmont’s science and digital arts departments, as well as the robotics program.

This grant will provide necessary equipment for the new digital arts classes, supply the Carlmont Biotechnology Institute (BTI) with industry standard equipment, and purchase fundamental construction machinery for the robotics team.

oracle_clr_360x50As the current student population has expanded beyond Carlmont’s current offerings for the digital arts, there has been an effort to create multiple pathways within this department.

Digital Arts I and Digital Arts II is one such pathway that infuses art and technology into a project based, hands-on instructional approach for all students to experience both the visual arts and technology. We have the facilities for classes but need to stock the classrooms with new cutting-edge tools to increase student’s exposure to technology with a focus on digital media. The Oracle grant allowed the Digital Arts team to purchase a Wacom Cintiq Tablet with software, as well as Final Cut Pro X with iMac. With these products, students are now working with the same tools that professional designers, animators, editors, and people in the gaming industry use. The tablets allow the students to interact directly with their art in ways that are not possible using a mouse or mouse and tablet combination.

Last school year, Carlmont launched the Carlmont Biotechnology Institute (CBI), a small learning community that offers unique, cutting-edge laboratory and learning experiences to help students excel in the fields of science and technology. The CBI program also includes science-themed English and Social Studies classes, as well as project-based learning across the curriculum.

The scientists who make up the heart of the 20-member CBI Advisory Board have emphasized how important it is that classroom equipment mirror industry standards. With funds from the Oracle grant, the department was able to purchase digital visible spectrophotometers, analytical balances, hot plates, and horizontal and vertical minigel systems – all necessary equipment for cutting-edge labs.

The mission of the Carlmont Robotics FIRST Robotics Competition Team (FRC) is to provide an opportunity for students to learn engineering, project management, and community relations skills in an environment that is fun yet competitive and stressful at times in order to simulate real world situations and prepare Carlmont students for real-world projects. Last school year, the joint Carlmont – Woodside High School robotics team separated into two distinct teams. With that change, the Carlmont Robotics Team needed to build a workshop at school from scratch.

The Oracle grant funded a welder and a lathe, two high priority tools needed for the campus workshop. These tools will serve the team well into the future, and ensure that the students have the best opportunity to continue gaining experience in robotics engineering. The welder is an essential tool for assembling solid frames and chassis. It will be extensively used for any larger-scale construction. The lathe is often used to machine gear boxes and other custom parts.

We thank Oracle for its support of Carlmont’s science, digital arts and robotics students and teachers!