Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

SVGives was an amazing day for Carlmont High School, and we are very happy to report that together we raised $80,745 thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the 139 Carlmont families and extended community members listed below.

These donations will pay for 3 class sections and continue funding for our College & Career Assistant – which means reduced class sizes, increased class choices, as well as additional support for our students as they prepare for the future!

Silicon Valley Gives Day is a great time for us to support organizations that make a difference in our community. Thank you for choosing CAF and investing in the distinguished students of Carlmont High School.

With sincere appreciation,
The CAF Board & Volunteers and the Students of CHS

P.S. Even though SVGives is over, you can still donate to CAF! Every donation makes a difference for our students. Please make your donation today!

Laura Miller, DDS
Haifa Khoury & Ruba Kaileh

SVGives 2016 Matching Grant Sponsors

We are grateful to the following current and incoming parents + local businesses for providing our $30K matching grant.

Anonymous (2)
Leslie and Robert Abrams
Michelle Rodman-Bilafer and Kurt Bilafer
Andre and Jennifer Bouchard
Martha Simmons and Leo Butler
Joe and Zeva Cho
Carrie and Grant Du Bois
Ulla and Matt Foehr
Haifa Khoury and Ruba Kaileh/Today Sotheby’s International Realty
Wei Liang and Dr. Christopher Hess
Brad and Andrea Jung
Michael and Nancy Jung
Laura Miller, DDS
Marla Becker and Daniel Lipton
Donna and Allan Martin
Patti and Peter Miller
PurpleTie, Mandegarian Family
Michael and Holly Standlee
Andy and Michelle Stulbarg
Meghan Mazzoni and Ross Vickery
Maher and Rana Zabaneh

SVGives 2016 Donors

Anonymous (10)
Jaime Abdilla
Cris and Todd Adair
Diane and Mark Albertson
Lily and Gideon Avida
Dinna Bayangos
Lisa and Robert Bernstein
Oleg and Alla Bondarenko
Lucy and Timothy Boyle
Bob and Robin Branch
Steve Del Cardayre and Lucy Buchan
Elizabeth Carter
Jackie and Rob Chang
Stephen Eng and Miu Chau
John Uozumi and YiYi Cheng
Steven and Joanne Chow
Michael and Kim Collins
Marissa Concepcion
Natalie and Rick Corso
Lisa Costello
Geoff and Rachel Cotton
Katie and Jeff Criswell
Damian Cunningham
Carol Lee Cunningham and Sean Cunningham
Astrid Jacob and Wolfgang Daum
Sue and Jon Denney
Kristi and Daniel DeSmidt
Mark and Naomi Donohoe
Michael and Jennifer Douglis
Kay Berkowitz and Elwyn Dow
Adrienne Eng
Lynn Everitt
Tonia Hashimoto and Robert Fetterman
Robin and Jonathan Feuchtwang
Carolyn and Thomas Finlayson
Jonathan and Nicki Fox
Conor Fulton
Mike and Linda Garvey
Kelvin and Christine Gee
Vadim Tsinker and Regina Gitman
Rich and Diana Godwin
Francene Gonek
Evelrene Lepist and Toufigh Gordi
Tim and Kim Haley
Karen Hart
Dave and Lynn Hawley
David and Joan Hendershott
Brenda Porter and Benjamin Hsu
Laura and Bill Klieves
Jacqueline Kraft
Lakshmi Krishnan
Bruce Goldman and Souphaphone Laosiri
Eric Saund and Laura Larkin
Lori M. Leong
Warren and Gracie Lieberman

Jessie Lim
Henry Yip and Kathy Lin
Patti Lorin
Karen and Bob Lotti
Carol and Sean Lynd
Dr. L. Sandy and Lisa Margolis
Annie and Warren Mayoss
Joseph and Kennon McDonough
Brian and Cari McDowell
Mark and Lori Moon
The Moore Family
Ming Zong and Xumin Nie
Andrew and Beth Nowell
Kelly and Ron Ozorio
Julia and Ronald Pang
Christine and Ron Perris
Dana and Bruce Posey
Steven and Adriana Ramirez
Nina M. and Rick Rasor
Michelle Remond
Colleen Devlin and Richard Rosenthal
Louis and Liliane Saadeh
Christopher Penne and Lai Ping Sam
Alan and Emily Sarver
Arthur Mark and Laura Schulte
Rick and Lara Schultz
Khalid and Claire Sebti
Debbie Wong and Steve Seifert
Karen Shane
Karen and Lee Shelton
Mindy Shelton
Karen Silfvast
John and Gail Sines
Keiko and Paul Smith
Todd and Terri Somers
Charles Stone
Kenneth Cheng and Winnie Tai
Reinhardt Quelle and Barbara Tallent
Roger Bodamer and Saskia Teerink
Genevieve W. Tep
Vanessa To
Janice Tong
Cristina and Bogdan Tudor
Laurie Schoeffler and Paul Turner
Carla Velasquez
Albert William Wang
Hansen Wat
Steve and Gail Welter
Natalie and Mikel Wiebenson
Timothy and Rieko Wong
Yvonne Li and Bin Yang
Gregory and Gwen Young
Lauren Zachry
Jeff and Kellie Zollars
Maurice and Jennifer Zwass