The Brigitte U. Smith and Harley J. Smith Scholarship recognizes four graduating seniors who are deemed to be exceptional, “all around” students, and are chosen for their broad contribution to Carlmont High School. The recipients each receive a gift of $500.

This year the scholarships were awarded to Camron Dennler, Isabelle De Wood, Gabrielle Dimick and Timothy Miller.


Timothy Miller, Camron Dennler, Isabelle De Wood and Mr. Gregg Patner


Gabrielle Dimick with Mr. Gregg Patner, Instructional Vice Principal


Harley Smith, a graduate of Carlmont’s Class of 1955, generously funds these scholarships for outstanding graduating Carlmont seniors.

“Carlmont had a large influence on me and on the outcome of my life,” says Mr. Smith, who now resides in Stockton. “When it came up to offer this scholarship, my wife and I were happy to do it. Foundation work, particularly in the area of education, has been a significant part of my adult life.”

Mr. Smith, who remembers many of his teachers and classmates with fondness, ran cross-country for Carlmont and was Chief Justice of the Student Court. As a sophomore, Smith was influenced by World History teacher Phil Arnot’s description of the ideal ancient Greek citizen—one who participated in athletics, academics, and the social/political life of the nation. Smith spent his remaining years at Carlmont striving to be the best he could be in those three areas and was rewarded with a four year scholarship at a PAC 12 institution.