We are pleased to announce that in May CAF was awarded a $20,000 grant from Oracle to support Carlmont’s science, math and computer science departments.

This grant will furnish two new science classrooms with laboratory equipment, fund participation for 450 students in the American Math Competition, and purchase AP Computer Science review and Finch Robots materials for computer science classes.

oracle_clr_360x50It is common practice for Carlmont science teachers to share equipment and supplies. However, with the opening this past spring of two new science classrooms, the already-spread thin equipment needed to be supplemented. In lab-centered classes like Biology for Biotechnology and Chemistry for Biotechnology, students spend about 60% of their time in labsituations. Because these classes are much more lab-centered, students are able to explore and observe many of the more complex concepts, rather than just read and hear about these concepts. The Oracle grant was used to purchase equipment that can be used in a variety of labs, ranging from studying egg osmosis to learning about conductivity of various solutions.

Biweekly at Carlmont, over 450 students choose to spend their lunch time taking part in math contests. To further this interest in math, Carlmont uses the American Math Competition (AMC), which Oracle will fund this year, to encourage students to develop their problem solving skills. Approximately 400 students will be taking this exam this year. Each year Carlmont has students who receive national recognition for their achievement on this test.

The computer science department at Carlmont has grown tremendously over the past three years and consists this year of six classes of computer science and AP computer science. Finch Robots, developed by Carnegie Mellon University, are designed to teach computer science. They can be programmed in SNAP, a block programming language, as well as in Java. Oracle funds purchased the Finch Robots, as well as AP Computer Science preparation materials that the students need in order to be successful on the AP exam.

We thank Oracle for its support of our science, math, and computer science students and teachers!