A grant of $25,000 provided by the Carlmont Academic Foundation has strengthened Carlmont’s counseling department, enabling the funding of a new college and career counseling administrative assistant.

In her new position as College and Career Assistant, Nina Rasor, who was previously in charge of standardized testing at Carlmont, will be organizing and implementing college representative visits, recruiting career speakers, distributing SAT and ACT information, assisting with general college application questions, managing the College Center web site, and distributing information through School Loop, Naviance, and Facebook.

Nina Raso and Tammy DePaoli

Nina Rasor and Tammy DePaoli

“We greatly appreciate the funding of this new position in order to expand our services in the College and Career Center,” said Tammy DePaoli, Head Guidance Counselor and department chair for Carlmont’s Guidance Department. “Our goal is to provide more information about a variety of colleges as well as have career speakers to inform students on what type of post secondary education is required to enter their fields.”

As department chair, Ms. DePaoli maintains a number of responsibilities, including overseeing the College and Career Center, organizing the guidance calendar, and implementing guidance lessons, presentations, workshops, and counselor professional development.

Ms. DePaoli is also the torchbearer for the guidance department as it strives to implement the National Model for School Counselors developed by the American School Counseling Association. This model, which outlines the components of a comprehensive school counseling program, focuses on three specific areas: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Development. Counselors are encouraged to spend their time equally between them.

“Although these standards have not been adopted by the state of California, we feel strongly that it is important to work within this model as professional school counselors,” said Ms. DePaoli. “We now have six full time guidance counselors who will be working with students in all three domains.” This means that all of Carlmont’s counselors will continue their extensive training into college services, thus ensuring that students have equal access to college and career information.

According to DePaoli, the department has already made extensive progress in this area. “We have already implemented weekly collaboration meetings so that counselors can discuss topics related to college and careers. We have also increased our college representative visits for students this semester.”

These positive changes to the Carlmont Guidance Department will hopefully be the beginning of a stronger career and college counseling program. The CAF leadership has been brainstorming with Carlmont administrators about ways to tap into our parent community to help with college and career planning for students.

CAF’s support of the college counseling program, the leadership of Ms. DePaoli, and clearly set department goals mean students and parents can look forward to getting more information on their postsecondary options.

“Carlmont’s counselors will continue to collaborate regularly and engage in professional development,” said Ms. DePaoli, “so that all students will have a postsecondary plan that is the right fit for them as individuals.”