October 18 – November 30, 2021

You are a critical piece of the puzzle!

Why Support CAF?

CAF raises funds solely to support classes, programs, and staff that benefit every Carlmont student. Some of the key areas funded by CAF include: 17 added class sections resulting in more class choices and smaller class sizes, college and career counseling, an additional counselor, academic support for students, college testing and prep, and teacher mini-grants (with PTSA). For this 2020-21 school year, CAF is planning for flexibility to ensure funds are used where most needed to support students in these challenging times. Learn more about the programs CAF funds and check out our FAQ page. Donate to CAF Today!

Donate or Pledge Today!

  1. Set up a recurring monthly donation.  Reach CAF’s suggested donation of $1,200 per student with a monthly payment of $100.
  2. Make a one time gift now. CAF suggests $1,200 or more per student but donations of any amount help us reach our goal.
  3. Or, not ready to donate yet? Pledge to donate later this year and we will remind you later.

Why Focus on the Fall Campaign?

Planning for the next school year starts well before the current school year is complete. The sooner we know how much we can give to Carlmont, the more effectively your contributions can be used. If we can firm up donations and commitments early in the school year, we can put those donations to the best use possible.

The coming year may look quite different for our students, teachers, and staff. By confirming our budget early in the year, we hope to fund the high priorities that will best support students working through the changing campus environment.

CAF will continue to keep you informed with relevant information and opportunities to support students throughout the year.

CAF has several great opportunities throughout the year to make your gift:

    • Fall Call to Action Campaign
    • Giving Tuesday (November or December)
    • Carlmont Giving Day (May)

If you’re not ready to donate or pledge right now, we welcome your gift at any time. We will check back later in the school year.