November 2022

Answer the Fall Call:  Donate to CAF during November!

Your donations are critical to creating the best possible learning environment for every Carlmont student, and the timing matters.

The donations that you make today will supplement Carlmont’s budget for the 2023-24 school year, but planning for the next school year starts in January.  The sooner we know how much we can give to Carlmont, the better we can put your donations to use.  We’ll be ready to fund Carlmont’s highest priorities and be in a position to hire the best teachers by recruiting early in the annual hiring cycle.

WHATA call to action to raise $1.1 million to support Carlmont High School

WHY: Early planning allows Carlmont to better use CAF’s resources and recruit the highest-quality teachers for next school year

WHEN: November 1 – November 30

HOW:  Donate now, donate monthly, or pledge to donate later in the school year so we can count on your donation!

Why Support CAF?

The purpose of CAF is to fill the gaps between state funding and the excellent education every Carlmont student deserves. CAF raises funds to support classes, programs, and staff that benefit every Carlmont student. Some of the key areas funded by CAF include:  funding additional class sections (resulting in more class choices and smaller class sizes), college and career counseling, two additional counselors, academic support for students, college testing, and teacher mini-grants (with PTSA).  Learn more about the programs CAF funds and check out our FAQ page. Donate to CAF Today!

Donate Now, Donate Monthly, or Pledge for Later this Year

1. Make a one time gift now. CAF suggests $1,200 or more per student but donations of any amount help us reach our goal.
2. Set up a recurring monthly donation.  Reach CAF’s suggested donation of $1,200 per student with a monthly payment of $100.

3. Or, not ready to donate yet? Pledge to donate later this year and we will remind you later.  Pledging now, rather than silently committing to donating later in the year, helps us with our planning.

Want to save everyone money?  We encourage you to donate using an electronic check if you can.  Credit card processing fees are $35.92 for a $1,200 donation and $89.49 for a $3,000 donation but ONLY $0.50 for any eCheck.

CAF provides great opportunities to make your gift count most:

    • Fall Call to Action Campaign
    • Giving Tuesday (November 29, 2022)
    • Carlmont Giving Day (May 2023)