The Carlmont Academic Foundation (CAF) is pleased to announce that Oracle awarded us a $20,000 grant in March of 2020.  This grant provides critical support for STEAM programming through continued elevation of our lab-centric course offerings in the Carlmont Biotechnology Institute plus innovative resources for our expanding Analytical Chemistry program and Biology classes in support of new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) requirements.

The Oracle grant will fund the Carlmont Biotechnology Institute purchase of blueGel™ gel electrophoresis bundles for the classrooms. We will be using these electrophoresis machines in both DNA and Protein electrophoresis labs. The blueGel system uses significantly less reagent and sample while providing faster results – allowing for running of samples and analysis on the same day. This tool will be used in all levels of Biotechnology, as protein and DNA confirmation is a major part of labs throughout the year. It will also be available for Seniors to use when completing their Capstone Biomanufacturing projects.

The Carlmont High School Analytical Chemistry Program is a two-year program.  This Program is a fast expanding community that offers unique, critical thinking laboratories and learning experiences to help students excel in STEM fields. Areas of focus include laboratory measurements, pure substance identification, analytical skills, and critical problem solving relating to the global impacts of changes in environmental conditions.  The Oracle Grant will allow the Analytical Chemistry Program to achieve smaller lab groups, improve student lab skills, and prepare students for STEM college-majors and employment prospects in the future. 

The grant will fund the purchasing of new equipment and technology items, as well as restore or replace old and broken science equipment. Materials like volumetric flasks will be purchased for specific AP Chemistry experiments while other items like metal samples and LabQuests will be purchased for use by all levels of Chemistry classes. Additionally, microscope servicing will be provided so that Biology students can continue to view different types of cells, the stages of mitosis, and various single celled organisms, an integral part of hands-on learning for that subject.

Thanks to Oracle for its continued generous support of Carlmont High School and our goal to provide a better educational experience to all our students.