2020-2021 CAF Donors

We would like to thank parents, alumni, staff, grandparents, community members, and
employee matching companies who have donated or pledged to CAF this year.

The suggested donation is $1,200 or more per student, but CAF realizes that some can give more and others less.  Our goal is 100% by all Carlmont High School families.  If you haven’t already, please donate or make your annual pledge today!

CAF has made every effort to compile an accurate list and sincerely apologizes for and inadvertent errors on this donor list.  This list represents donations made between July 1, 2020 and December 2, 2020, including Giving Tuesday.

Please send any corrections or updates to info@CarlmontAcademicFoundation.org

Individual Donors:

Anonymous (71)
Sarang and Stella Abhyankar
Andrew and Tara Abrams
Cris and Todd Adair
Joanne Adamkewicz and Scott Sisemore
Betsy and Jay Adams
Bassam Afif and Catherine Nafissi
Siddhartha and Julie Agarwal
Joseph and Sue Kim Ahn
Monica and Richard Allison
Urmi Amin and Manish Patel
Rob Anson and Danielle Lacampagne
Juliana and Mark Anzalone
Doug Aoyama
Emily Aoyama
Andrew and Catherine Aronson
Chandra and Damian Arvizu
Brian and Dana Ascher
Naggi Asmar and Emily Cooke
Shelley & William Atlas
Leonard Augustine and Theresa Fuentes
Lance Avants and Richard Hagan Jr
Perinaz Avari and Rohit Kapoor
Victoria Averbuj and Martin Stier
Chris and Suzanne Awoyinka
Bachelor Rod
Cynthia and Nima Badiey
Lisa Bagood and Kevin Joe
Diane Bailey
Marcia and David Baker
Mutlu and Rumeysa Baloglu
Douglas and Lois Balster
Quyen Barg
Chris Beard and Carolyn Yim
Emily and Ira Becker
Marla Becker and Daniel Lipton
Claudia and Michael Beisiegel
Charles Bell
Donna and Robert Benner
Robin Bennett and Matthew English
Constance Bensen and David Saisi
Anthony Berini and Jill Stanghellini
Alexandra and Michele Bernardini
Linda and Paul Beroza
Mibhali and Milan Bhalala
Aldo and Heidi Bianchi
Eric Bing and Barbara Rhomberg
Brian and Kimberly Bishop
Jonathan and Elizabeth Bissell
Simeon and Jos Bols
Catherine Bonnar & Dennis Roseman
David and Patty Bove
Una Breathnach and Bryan Murphy
Katherine and Robert Brendza
Karen and Robert Brodersen
Doris Brown
Russ and Tracey Brown
Samuel Brown and Nina Rezai
Barry and Debbie Bunin
Jeffrey and Jennifer Burgos
Ivette and Scott Campbell
Louis and Michelle Cano
Andrea Cappa and Barbara De Salvo
Steven and Suzanne Carlson
Hector Casab and Julia Williams
Josephine and Michael Cassidy
Dana Caulder and Sharad Hajela
Chamberlin Family
Christopher Chan and Flora Lee-Chan
Irene and John Chan
Michelle Chan and Huan Phan
Jenny Chang and Nicholas Huffer
Ranjini Chatterjee and Keith Kepler
Natasha Chaturvedi and Paritosh Dixit
Kin Cheung and Teresa Mak
Patricia Chiang and Cheng Su
Veronica Chico Rickson
Jay Choothakan and Angela Soohoo
Ken Chun and Suzanne Sun
Sinyan Chung
Russell Cinque and Carol Tseng
Clarissa Clark and Avery Lyford
Robert and Yumi Clevenger
Roxanne and David Cohen
David and Laurie Coleman
Lisa Costello
Terri Crawford and Cheryl Shelmadine
Jocelyn Cremer and Tom Lila
Angela and Scott DeBarger
Albert and Jennifer della Gatta
Elaine and Michael Dell’Aquila
Andrea Devereaux and Jeff Kumer
Mark Dilman and Laurence Fayadat-Dilman
Jorge DiMartino and Clarissa Naftzger
Stacy Donohue and Chris Perrone
Pamela Dreizen
Jennifer and Jonathan Duarte
Stevew Dubinskiy
Gary and Kathleen Durrans
Elio and Mena D’Urzo
David and Tatiana Elliston
Jeff and Suzanne Emerson
Joshua and Julie Engberg
Catherine and Paul Engel
Jennifer Eng-Wong and Stewart Robertson
Victoria Erslovas
Carmen Pilar Espana and David Pope
Nona and Paul Espinosa
Enrique and Valerie Estacuy
Donna Even Kesef
Michael Evert and Karen Molinari
Carsten and Kirsi Fichte
Judith and Christopher Flood
Kimberly and Ryan Flores
Matt and Ulla Foehr
Elizabeth and Michael Foster
Laurent and Stephanie Fourment
Alison and Sean Fox
Lisa and Kurt Frieden
Christopher Fry

Individual Donors (cont):

Grete and Jeryl Fry
Haoning Fu and Yan Ma
Jennifer and John Gaboury
Lianping Gao and Liqiang Wang
Yan Gao and June Wang
Veronique Garcia and Alejandro Gil
John and Wendy Garrish
Geoff George and Karen Kwan
Joseph and Lauren Ghazal
Amanda and Jonathan Gibbs
Bonnie Gibbs
Derek Gittoes and Ling Shen
Linda Goldman and David Leeb
Carsten and Lone Gosvig
Hsienwie and Stephen Gould
John and Lana Greco
Denis and Suzette Gulsen
Brian and Nanci Gunning
Arlene and Don Gurskis
Axela Gutierrez and Susan Soteriou
Ed and Laura Gutierrez
Marc Haggard and Stephanie Lee
Aaliya and Aamer Hai
Raj and Shamim Haldankar
Bassem and Susan Hanna
Ellen Hardy
Waqar Hasan and Valerie Vandervort
Matthew and Tracie Hawes
Jennifer and Jorg Heinemann
Gerrit and Laura Hendriksen
John and Megan Hitchcock
David Ho and Marcy Lim
Chi Hoang and Dorothy Huang
David Hoffman and Jeanne Sole
Heidi Hoffmann
Greg and Jen Holmes
Olaf and Hang Holoyda
Anne Hsieh and Peter Shao
Janice Hsieh and Frank Hsu
Chia-Wei and Dora Hsu
William and Marilyn Htun
Hsincheng Hu and Chunyi Pai
Pao Huang and Chia Liang Yu
Yuan (Stephen) Huang and Lai Hoong (Stella) Soh
Nancy Huey
Chris Hyder and Debora Telleria
Emily and Fabio Ingrao
Jessie Jiang and David Lam
Lizhang Jin and Zhaoyu Qian
Nitin and Vidya Joshi
Chieh and Hsiao Jui
Michael and Nancy Jung
Aparna and Viral Kadakia
Aarati Kadu and Ravindra Dhumal
Angela and Nick Kalayjian
Samuel Kang and Lisa Najera-Kang
Kaufman Family Fund
Michelle and Steve Kelley
Issa and Jessica Khouri
Douglas and Shelly Kim
Yong-Jae Kim and Minjung Park
Daniel Kimberg and Marinna Stark
Brooke and Kevin Knoble
Rachael Konrad and Stephen Shankland
Srujan and Archana Koppula
Joel and Susan Kornberg
Andreas Kraemer and Michele Vospette-Kraemer
Mark and Nicola Kramer
vinayak Shraddha Kulkarni
Jo Kupbens
Rose Laflin and Justin Mauck
Henry and Judy Lam
Adrian Land and Lisa Wong
Wei Le
Charisse Lee
Jena and Manfred Lee
Karen Lee and Steve Scholl
Kathryn Lee
Daniella and Matt Lefer
Josh and Marlene Lehman
Clarissa and Felipe Leme
Kevin and Kristin Lemke
Christine and Michael Leong
Anna and David Leung
Leo Leung and Carisa Olivo
Aaron and Anita Levin
Daniel and Tracy Lin
Edward and Gail Lippi
Kerith and Michael Lisi
Gong Xin Liu and Jinge You
Rudy and Tina Llora
Selene Lo and Ivan Yeung
Joseph and Alison LoCoco
Robin Long
Marc Lopez
Ivy and Leonardo Lorilla
Andrew Luey and Jennifer Vo
Doug and Joelle Lumish
Carol and Sean Lynd
Melanie Mabrey-Roberson
Kevin and Mona Maher
Herman and Yvonne Man
Charlie and Lori Mann
Jules and Rachel Mann
Heather and John Mannion
Stacey Markel and John Zolck
Valerie Marliac
Gerry and Monica Marren
Kristin Martinez and Harold Sasaki
Jennifer and Kelly Maurry
Jessie and Joel McCandless
Conor and Lisa McGann
Christina and Matthew McMichael
Priti Mehra
Justin and Purvi Mehta
Rene Meisner Williams and Peter Williams
Lisa Meltzer-Penn and Jonathan Penn
Celina Mikolajczak and William Reeves
Richard and Karen Mizerak-Mohun
David Moon

Individual Donors (cont):

Elizabeth Moore and Thomas Francis Richason
Anna and Peter Moskovits
Jeff and Sarah Moskovitz
Jeannette and Michael Mucha
Aditya Mukherjee and Anitha Toke
Chris and Sarah Muscolina
Sofiya Natanzon and Alex Zvenigorodsky
Derek and Sandy Nelson
Maria and Royce (Tzujung) Nelson
Maslyar Family
Catheryne Nicholson
Nicole Niederer and Stefan Zuckut
Angela and James Nuttman
Patricia and Richard O’Connor
Adam and Charysse O’Donnell
Joon Oh and Bernadette Soriben
Hitomi Ohsawa and Steven Stocker
Phillip Ma and Jennifer Ong
Alan O’Sullivan and Yvonne Pang
Ravi Padmanabhan
Alexandra Pajarillo
Joseph and Karen Paluska
Mayuri Panchal and Rohit Gupta
Eva Pang and Carson Tam
Julie and Milan Parikh
Arthur and Marcela Pasquinelli
Gary and Sandra Paulazzo
Eric and Karen Peacock
Barbara and Robert Pon
Peter and Klaudia Povinec
Frank and Bree Prince
Anthony and Traci Psaila
Sucharita Puli and Sridhar Vennela
Raymond Pun
Chithra and Ganesh Ramamurthy
Nina and Rick Rasor
Janina and Jens Reeder
Helen Reeve Stoffer
Dirk and Michelle Reinshagen
Jeff Riley
Annette and Steve Robinson
John Rohrer
Jason and Jennifer Rolland
Doug and Jennifer Roseborough
Galina Rozenblyum and Nikolay Yeretnov
Gita Salari and Kam Ziaei
Gilbert Salud and Malou Gemeniano
Victorio and Fiona Sam
Mitra Sanati
Marvin and Victoria Sanders
Marco and Sandra Sanvido
Suzanne Saperstein
Laurie Schoeffler and Paul Turner
Matthew and Monica Schrieber
Roger Feigelson and Rebecca Schwartz
Bernadette and Jay Shu
Erika Sim
Don and Sara Simmons
Rajeev and Jaya Singh
Sylvia and Tomasz Skucha
Lisa Slede
Greg and Kristy Snow
Mehrdad Soltani and Mozhe Jalali
Sadie and Sean Somers
Puneet and Sarika Sood
Susannah Gardner and Pankaj Srivastava
Allon and Hazel Stabinsky
Harlan and Melissa Suits
Carol and Ken Sundermeyer
Kanako and Kentaro Suzuki
Lilian and Warren Tam
John and Maria Corazon Tan
Alison and Nathan Taylor
David and Jennifer Taylor
Alison and Hans Ten Cate
Jeff and Robyn Tepper
Aurelie and Paul Teyssier
Aruna and Pramod Thuse
Igor Tochanskii
Angelka and Haydar Tolu
Peter Tong and Ria Van Hoef
Shaunda Toomasson
Donna Toroni
Francis and Yvonne Tsui
Ryohei Urata
Johan and Mitra Vandertuin
Maria Irene Velasquez
Chuck and Faith Velschow
Rama and Sudhakar Vissapragada
Alpa and Naresh Vyas
Richard Wachter
Steven and Tanuja Wakefield
Claus Wallacher and Nancy Yum
Alvin and Tina Wang
Haishan Wang and Jing Zhi
Hansen and Wanda Wat
Gina Wei and Zhengyi Ye
Angela and Gregory Weinman
Brian and Chris Weiss
Kristina and Michael Welton
Andrea and Mike Wescott
Andrew and Erika Westwood
Mai and Patrick Wheeler
Gary and Hillary Wiessinger
Debbie Wilhelm
Kevin and Linda Wilkinson
Alex and Moddy Wong
Eric and Lisa Wong
Lauren Wu
Jennifer and Timothy Yang
Hiroshi and Makiko Yasukawa
Dayan and Jenny Yip
Mary and Robin Ynes
Cindy and Daniel Young
Christopher Zang
Charlene and Keith Zelnis
Roger and Rongrong Zhang
Hong Fu and ZiYang Zhong

Business Partners:

Cook Homes
Vidhya Babu, Esq.
JSD Construction
On the Move Physical Therapy & Pilates


Matching Companies:

Abbott Laboratories
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Broadcom Gift Matching Program
CSAA Insurance Group
Dell, Inc.
Electronic Arts Matching Gifts Program
Genentech Giving Station
Intuit Foundation
Intuitive Foundation
Lam Research
Oracle Corporation (Matching)
Juniper Networks Matching Gifts Program
Sage Foundation
Salesforce Foundation
Silicon Valley Bank
Stanley Black & Decker
Survey Monkey
VMWare Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
William & Flora Hewlett FDN
Workday, Inc