Stand Up For Public Schools Day Of Giving 2018 was an amazing success for Carlmont High School! We are very happy to report that $84,558 was raised in addition to the $50,000 matching, for a total of $134,558! Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the 184 Carlmont families and extended community members listed below.

We are humbled and profoundly grateful for the commitment our community has to the students at Carlmont High School.

With sincere appreciation,
The CAF Board & Volunteers and the Students of CHS

P.S. Even though Stand Up For Public Schools Day Of Giving is over, you can still donate to CAF! Every donation makes a difference for our students.

Stand Up For Public Schools Day Of Giving 2018 Matching Grant Sponsors

Thank you to our generous Leadership Circle families for providing our $50K matching pool:

Jay and Betsy Adams
Emily Cooke and Naggi Asmar
Jose and Bing Balitactac
Lisa and Ian Bavey
Lisa and Robert Bernstein
Brian and Ilissa Best
Patty and David Bove
Martha Simmons and Leo Butler
April and Jon Carlson
John and Irene Chan
LuAnn Chock
Jennifer Bahr-Davidson and Derby Davidson
Sueyin Wong and John DeBorde
Anahid and Narbeh Derhacobian
Clarissa Naftzger and Jorge DiMartino
Kim Dandurand and Bruce Douglas
Greg and Kat Eden
Robin Bennett and Matthew English
Ulla and Matt Foehr
Maria and Greg Gallegos
Sallie and Mark Gasparini
Rakesh and Pushpa Hegde
Amy Henley
Brenda Porter and Benjamin Hsu
Michael and Nancy Jung
Angela and Nick Kalayjian
Russell and Verlana Laraway
Susy and Ming-Bong Lee
Tracy and Daniel Lin
Lisa and Keith Lucas
Heather and John Mannion
Kevin and Leslie Marks
Conor and Lisa McGann
Thomas Francis Richason and Elizabeth Moore
Ming Zhong and Xumin Nie
Urmi Amin and Manish Patel
Joy and Jim Peacock
Stacy Donohue and Chris Perrone
Tracie and Larry Pon
Katalina Ramirez
Rick and Lara Schultz
Khalid and Claire Sebti
Jeffrey and Cheryl Selman
Ali and Maryam Shafaie
Derek Gittoes and Ling Shen
Heidi and Rich Skrenta
Jean and Tom Snider
Gerard and Stephanie Somers
Amy and Bob Truel
Laurie Schoeffler and Paul Turner
Linda and Jason Wacha
Jing Zhi and Haishan Wang
Minli Xie and Robert Weissburg
Steve and Gail Welter
Eric and Lisa Wong
Isabella and Alexander Yavorskiy
Christopher and Suzanne Zaino

Stand Up For Public Schools Day Of Giving 2018 Donors

Anonymous (25)
Shankar and Noopur Agrawal
Mike Blondino and Kristin Armbruster
Xavier and Anne-Sophie Avat
Douglas and Lois Balster
Zoher and Arwa Bambot
Michael Howe and Linda Barnard-Howe
Jamie Baxter
John and Peggy Bishop Bowen, III
Leslie Kramer and Justin Boyce
Barbora and Martin Brehovska
Philippe Chutczer and Emmanuelle Brunot
Steve Del Cardayre and Lucy Buchan
Scott and Ivette Campbell
Michelle Doyle and Jaime Carranza
Jonathan Atkin and Betsy Carter
Josephine and Michael Cassidy
Keith Kepler and Ranjini Chatterjee
Winnie Tai and Kenneth Cheng
Linda and Clyde Cook
Joy and Thomas Coughlan
Julie Craft
Elizabeth D Dahl
Bruce and Azi Dennler
Hermelo and Divine Dinulos
Duane and Joan Dirstine
Karin and Ralf Dossman
Michael and Jennifer Douglis
Romas Geleziunas and Sophie Dufault
Charisse Lee and Patrick Duffy
Stephen Singer and Letty Dupuy
Gary and Kathleen Durrans
Mena and Elio D’Urzo
Joshua Engberg
Catherine and Paul Engel
William and Elizabeth English
Shoneen and John Erskine
Lynn Everitt
Paulo Albuquerque and Rebeca Farias
Rod Warren and Jackie Fitzgerald
Phillip Lee and Shelly Fong
Dale and Karen Friis, Friis Plastering
Grete and Jeryl Fry
Haoning Fu
Jonathan and Amanda Gibbs
Christina A Gil
David & Kathleen Giusti
Rich and Diana Godwin
Bonnie Wolf and Michael Gottesman
John Greco Jr. and Lana Greco
Denis and Suzette Gulsen
Tim and Kim Haley
Angeles Estelles and Michael Haugwitz
Tracie and Matthew Hawes
Kasia and Rusty Hopewell
Kenneth Hsiang
Peter Shao and Anne Hsieh
Chia-Wei and Dora Hsu
Tian Fang and Qiaole Huang
Nancy Huey
Liz and Mike Jolls
Jennifer and Gene Jones
Kevin and Selina Kelly
Susan and Jim Kiefer
Shelley and Douglas Kim
Kumud and Simmi Kokal
Andy and Lisa Krackov
Michele Vospette-Kraemer and
Andreas Kraemer
Nicola and Mark Kramer
Mengfen Lee and Gary Kuo
Albert Liong and Lena Lee
Joon Yang and Sarah Lee
Kathy Lee
Christine and Michael Leong
Min Li
Qiaolan Wu and Xinmin Li
Bruce Linenberg
Marla Becker and Daniel Lipton
Carol and Sean Lynd

Shu-Hui Liu and William Mallet
Mark R. Malouf
Martin McCarthy and Janet Mar
William and Jennifer Marcos
Dr. L Sandy & Lisa Margolis
Philip Lee and Terri Mark
John Bock and Julia Mates
Elizabeth and George Mathew
Steve & Danping Mattas
Joseph and Kennon McDonough
David Peschel and Chrissy Metzger
Khashayar Delrooz and Nazan Meysami
Nancy Nagel and Victor Mitnick
Rajendra and Sharmila Modkharkar
Thahiyya Syeda and Abdul Mohammed
Allan Molina
Mark and Lori Moon
Jeff and Sarah Moskovitz
Nekaya and Jeff Nachmann
Alicia Nestal
Harry Chan and Eliza Ng
Miguel Goncalves and Sandra Nyholm
Becky O’Driscoll
Sungwook Huh and Junsun Oh
Phillip Ma and Jennifer Ong
Kelly and Ron Ozorio
Ravi Padmanabhan*
Douglas Wong and Romencita Palarca
Robert and Irene Pargas
Sandra and Gary Paulazzo
Kristina and Matthew Pavao
Pam Leffler and Miguel Pinilla
Alison L Poetsch
Barbara and Robert Pon
Dana and Bruce Posey
Poornachandra Rajidi
Angela Banet and Ron Reich
Jay Corbett and Kathy Richardson
Annette and Steve Robinson
Louis and Liliane Saadeh
Laura and Steve Sabahi
Kelly Greer and Scott Sandler
Mark and Laura Schulte
Lisa and Craig Seim
Jeffrey and Cheryl Selman
Karen Shane
Karen and Lee Shelton
Karen Collom and Robert Shitamoto
Xinyu Wang and Victoria Shi
Cassandra Shu
Sapna and Suraj Singh
Cyra and Anthony Sison
Julie and Michael Smith
Narasimhan and Anurandha Subramanian
Pramod and Aruna Thuse
Aditya Mukherjee and Anitha Toke
Angelka and Haydar Tolu
Terrance and Lori Troy
Russell Cinque and Carol Tseng.
Francis and Yvonne Tsui
Iulia and Bogdan Tudor
John and Katie Vanoncini
Sankar Krishnan and Rama Veerappan
Faith and Chuck Velschow
Vlad Vendrow
Darrin La Vrar
Naresh and Alpa Vyas
Haiyun Han and Wei Wei
Chris and Brian Weiss
Steve and Gail Welter
Karen and Marte Werner
Natalie and Mikel Wiebenson
Glenn and Dawn Wise
Adrian Land and Lisa Wong
Linda Chan and Brian Wong
Yvonne Li and Bin Yang
Cindy and Daniel Young
Fatoumata Lelenta and Christopher Zang
Jie Liu
Jill Rilema and Deryk Loo
Karen and Bob Lotti
Mary-Stephanie Chan and Raymond Lui