Carlmont currently offers academic pathways for interested students, including the Biotechnology Institute and Media Arts. Pathways offer specialized coursework geared towards what the student is specifically interested in. Support from CAF allows Carlmont to offer these choices.

The BioTech Institute (BTI) was created to offer the science-minded student a small learning community focused on biotechnology. A student in BTI will take all of the required courses for graduation, but they will all focus on scientific applications. For example, a student may study the same text across science, English and social studies courses. The program will culminate in a biomanufacturing course senior year in which students will even be creating enzymes.

The Media Arts pathway encourages students to build journalistic skills, with most reading assignments in the non-fiction genre. Students can write articles and/or publish photos for the Highlander or Scot Scoop as part of the curriculum. A new photojournalism program is housed in the new building.

Some of these classes are articulated with local community colleges, so students in these pathways can even receive college credit. There is a Business/Marketing pathway beginning with the Introduction to Business class. Carlmont is also looking into new CTE pathways such as Early Childhood Education and Hospitality (including nutrition and cooking). Carlmont’s new on-site daycare may factor into the Early Childhood Education pathway and the district is helping Carlmont apply for a grant to create facilities for the Hospitality pathway.

Encourage your students to discuss these options with their counselors as they are selecting classes for next year. More information on the Biotech Institute and Media Arts is available on the Carlmont High School website.