Stand Up For Public Schools Day Of Giving 2017 was an amazing success for Carlmont High School! We are very happy to report that $92,285 was raised thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the 110 Carlmont families and extended community members listed below.

These donations will pay for 4 class sections and support our College & Career Assistant – which means reduced class sizes, increased class choices, as well as additional support for our students as they prepare for the future!

We are humbled and profoundly grateful for the commitment our community has to the students at Carlmont High School.

With sincere appreciation,
The CAF Board & Volunteers and the Students of CHS

P.S. Even though Stand Up For Public Schools Day Of Giving is over, you can still donate to CAF! Every donation makes a difference for our students. Please make your donation today!

Stand Up For Public Schools
Day Of Giving 2017

Matching Grant Sponsors

We are grateful to the following parents and grandparents
for providing our $40K matching grant.

Investor ($5,000+)
Brenda Porter and Benjamin Hsu
Deborah Wong and Steven Siefert
Jean and Tom Snider

Trustee ($2,500 – $4,999)
A Grateful Grandparent
Yvette and Brian Bedrosian
Lori and Mark Moon
Meghan Mazzoni and Ross Vickery

Scot with Distinction
($1,000 – $2,499)

Lyra Ghose and PokYong Chee
Souphaphone Laosiri and Bruce Goldman
Claire Owens and Eric Hoover
Andrea and Brad Jung
Marla Becker and Daniel Lipton
Barbara Tallent and Reinhardt Quelle

Friend (Amount Anonymous)
Nicola and Paul Weiskopf

Stand Up For Public Schools Day Of Giving 2017 Donors

Anonymous (16)
Cris and Todd Adair
Anne & Pedro Abreu
Markle and Jean Addis
Dilenia Azcona
Jennifer Beasley
Lee and Kimberly Boman
Patricia Bove
Bob and Robin Branch
Carolyn Bruguera
Michelle and Chris Burger
Jennifer and Jeff Burgos
Kristin and Robert Caldwell
Michelle Doyle and Jaime Carranza
Steven and Joanne Chow
Michael and Kim Collins
Dan Brown and Lara Crawford
Carolyn Y Dai
Margaret and Roy Day
Cindy and Stuart Donaldson
Michael and Jennifer Douglis
Stephen Singer and Letty Dupuy
Barbara Eldridge
Suzanne and Jeff Emerson
Miu Chau and Stephen Eng
Shoneen and John Erskine
Nicki and Jonathan Fox
Alicia and Chris Frangos
Dale and Karen Friis
Andrew and Lisa Fryer
Aedin Fulton
Gail Ghose
Rich and Diana Godwin
Kevin Gong
Bonnie Wolf and Michael Gottesman
Tim and Kim Haley
Patrice and Jeff Holbrook
Chia-Wei and Dora Hsu
Vidya Joshi

Kaufman Family Fund
John and Winifred Kwofie
David and Marlene Lane
Tena Lawry
Linda Ledwith
Pamela Leffler
Zeljka Lemaster
Fang Cai and Lichuan Liu
Charlie Wen and Wen Liu
Jean and Joseph Lu
Carol and Sean Lynd
Katherine Magoon
John Bock and Julia Mates
Elizabeth and George Mathew
Peter and Mary Mayerhofer
Patrick John McDonough
Thomas Francis Richason and Elizabeth Moore
Phillip Ma and Jennifer Ong
Julia and Ronald Pang
Rick & Nina M. Rasor
Kevin Rickson and Veronica Chico Rickson
Louis and Liliane Saadeh
Melanie Yue and Tom Schoemehl
Rick and Lara Schultz
Mike and Karen Seaman
Karen and Lee Shelton
Andy and Michelle Stulbarg
Kathy Ishibashi and Lawrence To
Angelka Tolu
Carl and Kerri Troglio
Terrance and Lori Troy
Regina Gitman and Vadim Tsinker
Cristina and Bogdan Tudor
Naresh and Alpa Vyas
Haiyun Han and Wei Wei
Steve and Gail Welter
Kaitlin Keiko Wong
Yvonne Li and Bin Yang
Robin and Mary Ynes
Nicolas Olivares and Lauren Zorfas
Maurice and Jennifer Zwass