GT_slider_logo_nodate_650x350Yesterday was an AMAZING 24-hours for Carlmont High School!

We are thrilled to report that we raised $115,597, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the 177 Carlmont families and extended community members listed below.

These donations will fund five class sections, which means reduced class sizes and increased class choices for our students!

We are humbled and profoundly grateful for the commitment our community has to the students at Carlmont High School.

With sincere appreciation,
The CAF Board & Volunteers and the Students of CHS

P.S. Even though Giving Tuesday is over, you can still donate to CAF! Every donation makes a difference for our students.

Giving Tuesday Sponsors

We are grateful to the following freshman families, grandparents, and businesses for providing our $22K matching grant.

Betsy Carter and Jonathan Atkin
Bryce Cook Group – Real Estate
Jennifer and Jeff Burgos
April and Jon Carlson
Rachel and Geoff Cotton
Sallie and Mark Gasparini
Souphaphone and Bruce Goldman
Regina and Mark Gudelunas
JK Tutoring
Seymour Kaufman
Kennon and Joseph McDonough
Meghan and Brennen McKenzie
Diane and Chris Rigatuso
Laura Miller and Danny Rosenblatt
Tara and David Saul
Julie Newdoll and Mario Wolczko
Caroline Wood

Giving Tuesday Donors

Anonymous (14)
Cris and Todd Adair
Michelle Afendakis
Diane and Mark Albertson
Julie and Mats Andersson
Patricia Armstrong
Joel and Amy Armstrong-Muntner
Andrew S. Aronson
Len Rosenduft and Dina Artzt
Lily and Gideon Avida
Jose and Bing Balitactac
Douglas and Lois Balster
Jennifer Beasley
Yvette and Brian Bedrosian
Joe and Julie Belarde
Jim Bettinger
Monique Bobadilla
David Yitzak and Fanlan Brenman
Carolyn and Mark Bruguera
Mike and Mykenzie Busser
Martha Simmons and Leo Butler
Chris and Courtney Carraras
Carol and Gary Castro
Rob and Jackie Chang
Dan and Evelyn Chen
Frank and Fedora Chen
Michael and Marianne Cofield
Natalie and Rick Corso
Katie and Jeff Criswell
Jeff and Cynthia De Lamare
Bruce and Azadeh Dennler
Anahid and Narbeh Derhacobian
Kristi and Daniel DeSmidt
Scott and Lauren Diehl
Cindy and Stuart Donaldson
Mark and Naomi Donohoe
Ralf and Karin Dossman
Michael and Jennifer Douglis
Michelle Doyle
Patricia and Robert Edson
Tyce Fields
Thea Runyan and Andrew Fine
Arlene Guerrero and Mark Fish
Michael and Frances Fong
Phillip Lee and Shelly Fong
Hong Fu
Karen Kwan and Geoff Geroge
Rich and Diana Godwin
EveIrene Lepist and Toufigh Gordi
Tim and Kim Haley
Patrick Wong and Janet Hall
Robert Guiram and Rhyena Halpern
Allison Martin and David Hasselbacher
Dave and Lynn Hawley
Robert Hendrickson
Patrice and Jeff Holbrook
Shu-Yi Chang and Keh-Yi Hong
Brenda Porter and Benjamin Hsu
Wolfgang Daum and Astrid Jacob
Mark Edward Jamison
Keddie Family
Michi Kaifu and Ryoji Koike
Kumud and Simmi Kokal
Linda and Gregory Korjeff
Danielle Sunshine and Igal Ladabaum
Lorraine and Erik Lapier
Eric Saund and Laura Larkin
Michael and Lisa Lau
Albert Liong and Lena Lee
Zeljka Lemaster
Eugene and Katherine Leong
Tim LePelley and Natalie Lips
Nancy O’Rourke and Richard Lewis
Gilles and Anne Leyrat

Madeleine Li
Mary P. Lindmeier
Jinge You and Gong Xin Liu
Siyang Liu
Charlie Wen and Wen Liu
Terrence Harris and Marisol Lopez
Carol and Sean Lynd
Dr. L. Sandy and Lisa Margolis
Philip Lee and Terri Mark
Karen Marks
Amina and David Martel
Annie and Warren Mayoss
Brian and Cari McDowell
Robert and Janice McGlaughlin
Kary and Dana McLemore
Khashayar Delrooz and Nazan Meysami
Nancy Nagel and Victor Mitnick
Thahiyya Syeda and Abdul Mohammed
Marc Smith and Christine Morton
Niloufar Dasti and Robert Murhamer
Garrett and Jeanine Musch
Clarissa Naftzger
Barbara Gough and Pete Norman
Phillip Ma and Jennifer Ong
Suzanne and Thomas Ottoboni
Mimi Chu and Ken Owyang
Kelly and Ron Ozorio
Rita and Ajay Pandita
Sunil and Tuuli Pareenja
Lori Wong and John Patrucco
Eric and Jodi Pavey
Lai Ping Sam and Christopher Penne
Andrew and Lin Pham
David and Kirsten Plomgren
Brad and Suzanne Pritchard
Steven and Adriana Ramirez
Janice Ray
Kathi and Dane Roberts
Annette and Steve Robinson
Kurt Bilafer and Michele Rodman-Bilafer
Louis and Liliane Saadeh
Melanie Yue and Tom Schoemehl
Laura Battaglia and Marc Schoonbrood
Dr. Ruth Lin and Dr. Neil Schwartz
Khalid and Claire Sebti
Karen and Lee Shelton
Gavin Sherlock
Lawrence and Julie Shubert
Heidi and Rich Skrenta
Todd and Terri Somers
Melissa Stein
Andy and Michelle Stulbarg
Yao and Kristen Sun
Eric and Lynda Talgo
Thomas Tang
Regina Gitman and Vadim Tsinker
Regina and Vlad Vendrow
Richard and Jacqueline Ventura
Jeffrey and Dianna Vold
Cathy Von der Porten
Leslie Weil
Steve and Gail Welter
Karen and Marte Werner
Eric and Lisa Wong
Louise and Wilson Wong
Yvonne Li and Bin Yang
Kathy Lin and Henry Yip
Paul and Joanna Yong
Gregory and Gwen Young
Marianna Dizik and Oleg Zabluda
Shuai Weng and Zhini Zhang
Kathryn and George Zorb
Maurice and Jennifer Zwass