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Thankgiving 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving from

the Carlmont Academic Foundation

 As we gather this week with family and friends and take a much needed break from the daily routine, the board and the volunteers of CAF would like to thank you for your support of Carlmont High School.

CAF is deeply grateful to the following families, individuals, grandparents, community members, alumni and businesses for their generous gifts received this school year to date.

Parent and Community Donors

Jaime Abdilla Gilles and Anne Leyrat
Cris and Todd Adair Warren and Gracie Lieberman
Jay and Betsy Adams Mary P Lindmeier
Catherine Nafissi and Bassam Afif Gail and Edward Lippi
Diane and Mark Albertson Jinge You and Gong Xin Liu
Julie and Mats Andersson Fang Cai and Lichuan Liu
William and Ardythe Andrews Jennifer and Mike Livengood
Ron and Patti Ansley Gerald and Isabelle Llorach
Diane and Jay Anthony Christine Settineri and David Lloyd
Laurence Arfi-Tocatlian Rebecca and Jeff Lockhart
Len Rosenduft and Dina Artzt Cindy Lynch
Lori and Andrew Atkins Alison and Bob Lyon
Jose and Bing Balitactac Susana So and Travis Ma
Dinna and Dick Bayangos Chris and Nannette Mahar
Craig and Susan Bazigian Heather and John Mannion
Marla Becker Kevin and Leslie Marks
Joe and Julie Belarde Janet and George Mastalir
Lisa and Robert Bernstein Hiroko and Toshiyuki Matsushima
Lee and Kimberly Boman Annie and Warren Mayoss
Andre and Jennifer Bouchard Claire Piraud and Lincoln McBride
Bob and Robin Branch Joseph and Kennon McDonough
Jocelyn Grayson and Mark Breslauer Colleen Bagan McGill and John McGill
Shepard and Angie Brown Anne Markle and Toby McMillen
Michelle and Chris Burger Paul and Nancy Melmon
Stacey Wu and James Busse Kristine Meredith
Andrea Callahan Jim Mirande
Vlad Constantin Cardei Nancy Nagel and Victor Mitnick
Ivanka and Nikola Cargonja Bruce and Elizabeth Moore
Robert and Michele Carlsen Kristin Morgan
April and Jon Carlson Greg and Shelly Muldoon
Chris and Courtney Carraras Linda Mullin
Sharon and Stanley Carroll Niloufar Dasti and Robert Murhamer
Sharin Blair-Castro and Michael Castro Michele and Chris Nadan
Nancy Chambers Doud Christine and Mark Naismith
Ju-Ching Lin and Osman Chao Judy Wakayama and Clifford Ng
Charles and Lisa Chavez Hoang-Trang Nguyen
Elba Sobrino and Jeffrey Chin Trinh Hua and Hai Nguyen
Lee Lin Thye and Sze Chong Barbara Gough and Pete Norman
Steven and Joanne Chow Robert and Beverly Notte
Robert and Tracy Clark Chris and Tracey Olazar
Cindy and Kevin Clay Steve and Teresa Palthe
Jo Ann and Daniel Cobb Gary Maganaris and Robin Pang-Maganaris
Terry and Laurie Coley Aida and Roland Paragas
Michael and Kim Collins Lori Wong and John Patrucco
Joe and Leslie Concilla Lisa Meltzer Penn
Lisa Costello Lai Ping Sam and Christopher Penne
Laurel Cress Joe and Sue Pierce
Laurie McLucas and Bill Crook Frank and Jozi Plut
Babak and Gloria Darafshi Tracie and Larry Pon
Alicia and William Davidovich Brad and Suzanne Pritchard
Jennifer Bahr-Davidson and Derby Davidson Raymond and Susan Rawcliffe
Jeff and Cynthia De Lamare Angela Banet and Ron Reich
Carolina and Jonathan De Vito Gina and Bill Reidy
Jon and Sue Denney Yana Polyakova and Yan Reznik
Mary Clair Draeger DeSoto Lou and Tracy Rodriguez
Duane and Joan Dirstine Ivan Rojas
Cindy and Stuart Donaldson Roger and Deborah Romani
Michael and Jennifer Douglis Laura Miller and Danny Rosenblatt
Joyce Yokoe and David Driver Aaron and Kristen Rudger
Carrie and Grant Du Bois Rosemary Sainez
Xiaohui Du Alan and Emily Sarver
Patricia and Robert Edson Grif Rosser and Rieko Sasaki
Barbara and Mark Eldridge Sandra Tong and Denise Schmitt
Miu Chau and Stephen Eng Kari and Jim Schnapp
Julie Lubetkin and Marc Fagel Melanie Yue and Tom Schoemehl
Cynthia and David Fay Arthur Mark and Laura Schulte
Annie and Saverio Ferme Sharareh Banan and Ali Sebt
Carolyn and Thomas Finlayson Khalid and Claire J Sebti
Alvin and Linda Fong Amy Schwimmer and Mark Segal
Jacqueline and Ronald Fong Jeffrey and Cheryl Selman
Kelli Craft and Peter Forster Michelle and Martin Semmler
Sallie Gasparini Shelly J Sharp
Jayne Hastedt and Jamshed Ghandhi Martha Simmons
Hisham Ghazouli Cyra and Anthony Sison
Adriana and Lucian Girlea Heidi and Rich Skrenta
Lisa Gleaton Thomas Smith
Rich and Diana Godwin Jean and Tom Snider
Francene Gonek Lisa and Tyler Stavros
Maria Rugani and Cindy Gowen Andy and Michelle Stulbarg
Scott Granet and Nancy Berger Granet Meggy Tai
Michele Brenner and Robert Greene Pramod and Aruna Thuse
Jason and Patrina Griesbach Jackie and Steven Todesco
Nellie Ancel and Henry Grundig Susie Toussaint
Brian and Nanci Gunning Daniel Triest
Patrick Wong and Janet Hall Kerri Troglio
Salek and Ann Hamer Peter and Vanessa Tung
Mark and Alicia Harnett John and Melissa Van Arsdel
Angeles Estelles and Michael Haugwitz Faith W Velschow
Robert and Tracy Hayden Richard and Jacqueline Ventura
Jiang and Wen Sheng He Bill Stevens and Sandra Vickers
Gerrit and Laura Hendriksen Eugene and Natalie Vignanker
Samantha Seaward and Andrew Hsu Cathy Von der Porten
Octavian and Flora Iancu Geri Crane and Ken Wach
Greg and Joyce Irby Ruxin Chen and Grace Wang
Heather and Todd Irwin Jennifer and Randy Webb
Roya Mosalik and Victor Jadallah Leslie Weil
Terri Murai and Jeff Jang Nicola and Paul Weiskopf
Wenwu Zhai and WenRong Jiang Chris and Brian Weiss
Rebecca Joslin-Davis Steve and Gail Welter
Annie Ju Karen and Marty Werner
Michael and Nancy Jung Thomas and Judy Wong
Raj and Alka Kanaya James Woodward and Kristina Stasko Woodward
Jennifer and Steven Kaufman Catherine and Scott Wright
James Kelly Kathleen Wynne
Tara Koda Yvonne Li and Bin Yang
Karrie Lace and Aron Kohavi Lisa and Winslow Yee
Michi Kaifu and Ryoji Koike Hsin-Hsia Chang and Wen-Chen Yeh
Danielle Sunshine and Igal Ladabaum Rob and Sandi Yolland
Edward and Daphne Lawrence Gregory and Gwen Young
Hubert and Jenny Lee Marianna Dizik and Oleg Zabluda
Terri Mark and Philip Lee Christopher and Suzanne Zaino
Vivian and Kuang-Te Lee Jeff and Kellie Zollars
Janet and Thomas Leist Maurice and Jennifer Zwass
Eugene and Katherine Leong

Corporate Matching Gifts

Adobe Systems, Inc. Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Dolby Laboratories Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation
Franklin Templeton Renesas Electronics America
Genentech Giving Station Salesforce Foundation
Google Symantec
Microsoft Wells Fargo Foundation

Business and Foundation Donors

Charles A. Becker Foundation Oracle Corporation
Carrick Boshart, HMC Architects Wells Fargo Foundation
JSD Construction



Carlmont Arts Council Donors

All Eyes On You, Optometry Da Vinci Marble, Inc.
Joel and Amy Armstrong-Muntner How To Move
David and Joan Hendershott Oracle Corporation
Laurie and Mel Johnson Adrian Vogt, DDS, MSD, Inc
Danielle Kane Dan and Valerie Williamson
Vivace Restaurant


CAF would also like to express our gratitude to four anonymous donors. Thanks to all for supporting the CAF mission to provide more class choices, invest in teachers, fund creative programs, and prepare students for college and career.

It’s never too late to contribute to CAF! Make a tax deductible gift before the end of the calendar year. We suggest donating $1,000 per Carlmont student, but every gift adds up and is appreciated.


April Carlson

CAF (Carlmont Academic Foundation)