oracle_clr_360x50We are pleased to announce that CAF was awarded a $20,000 grant from Oracle to support Carlmont’s science department. This grant will replace obsolete equipment for engineering and physics and add additional cutting-edge equipment into biology and chemistry classrooms. In physics and engineering classes, the grant will be used to replace outdated equipment such as probes and motion detectors, which are used to measure force, as well as some power supplies to enhance the quality of labs for electricity, magnetism and waves.
Electronic analysis and research equipment is crucial in most STEM careers and explorations. The real world nature of data collection and analysis offers students a better idea of the skills and challenges of STEM careers. The current probeware used to enhance student lab data collection and analysis has become unreliable. In chemistry and biology classes, the Oracle grant will be used to purchase probeware that allows students to collect data electronically that is difficult or impossible to collect by other means.

Tina Smith, the Science department’s Instructional Leader, says: “Carlmont science teachers are excited to put the Oracle grant to good use with new scientific lab probeware for use in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering classes. The new probeware provides students with powerful data collection and analysis tools to help build 21st century skills and work toward the goals described in the Next Generation Science Standards Science and Engineering Practices.

The new equipment will be used by over 800 students in physics and engineering classes, as well as in the Biotech sequence courses of Biology for Biotech and Chemistry for Biotech. For more information about science probeware please check out

Thank you Oracle!