An important prong of CAF’s primary areas of support at Carlmont is Investing in Teachers. CAF funds are utilized for a range of “things”—from classroom supplies to teacher collaboration, training for new and expanded programs, and professional development. Supporting these areas frees teachers up from having to ask students and parents for supplies, supports analysis/review of curriculum to better serve students, and promotes professionalism for our hard-working teachers, providing more satisfaction and chances for professional growth.

Says CHS Treasurer Shawn Gillogly, “The funds that Carlmont receives from CAF for basic classroom supplies ($25,000 per semester) is divided up into all Carlmont departments, so literally all classes on campus benefit.” This support is especially important in the Science Department, where expensive supplies are an integral part of hands-on learning.”

CHS Science teacher Jaime Abdilla explains how classroom supply funds help teachers and students alike, supporting a more robust as well as safer lab experience:

“CAF has been an important support system for the Biology for Biotechnology and Biotechnology programs at Carlmont – impacting nearly 630 students yearly.  Science teachers have a limited budget
for lab supplies and equipment and we are so grateful for the financial support that CAF provides our classrooms. CAF has purchased new lab tools to replace old rusty tools, thereby making the lab
environment safer. The funding CAF has provided the Biotechnology program was integral in the purchase of expensive equipment and reagents needed for our labs. We recently submitted a grant to purchase several hundred plastic dropper bottles that make the handling of acids, bases, and other caustic reagents safer for the students – we would not have been able to purchase these bottles from our section funds alone due to their high individual cost.”

An example of the usefulness of CAF funds for professional development and collaboration is a workshop that history teachers Linda Garvey and Greg Schoenstein took this past summer.

Explains Mrs. Garvey, “It was a week-long intensive training, taught by a seasoned AP European History teacher.  She gave us an overview of the course, exam scoring rubrics and writing expectations, lesson plan ideas, document analysis techniques and guidelines for creating a syllabus that meets the College Board standards. In addition to the rich printed resources the training provided, we also had a chance to collaborate with other AP European teachers to try out teaching strategies and create and share lesson plans.  As a first year AP European teacher, I can’t imagine trying to teach this course without the resources and training I received this summer.”

Mrs. Garvey adds, “I’d like to add my thanks to the Foundation for supporting teacher training!  Your dollars have a tremendous impact on teachers who benefit from participating in the training you fund, and on our students!”

In the World Languages department, CAF funds are utilized for collaboration that also pays off for teachers and students. Says Chinese teacher Mindy Chiang, “With the support for collaboration, the Chinese program was able to work on pacing guidelines, developing activities (language and culture), and evaluating and modifying exams to better assess student achievement and accomplishment.” Spanish teacher Madeleine Fox notes that her department finds CAF funds valuable for these same types of curriculum development, as well as “vertically aligning our curriculum across levels, and articulating specifically what each student ought to master at each level.” To CAF donors, she says, “Thank you for your support! We appreciate it.”

These are all just the kinds of return on investment in our kids and school that CAF works hard, with your help, to promote.